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Welcome to Simsim – a homey levantine eatery serving authentic dishes, both traditional and modern, in a contemporary setting.

Simsim draws inspiration from the regions rich and luscious cuisine along its hospitable nature with dishes typifying the ancient Palestinian, Syrian and Lebanese kitchens which date back several millennia old.

The cuisine has been passed over by generations, has left a distinct imprint on our culture and knows no boundaries. Simsim bridges the gap between authenticity and modernity; preserving ancient traditions while pursuing innovative techniques.

We love Ali Baba but our Simsim, originates from the Semitic word meaning ‘sesame’!

Simsim is a seed that has been used since antiquity and dates back to several millennia. The seed is known to survive the harshest droughts, grow in challenging conditions and its usage considered extensive. Simsim as an ingredient is imperative to our culture is found in most dishes. It is renown for its versatility as a seed, with robustness, tenaciousness to survive and a giving nature that express and typify our culture.

about us

At Simsim we aim to make guests experience typically Palestinian, Lebanese and Syrian traditions, by epitomizing the region’s essence, which is embedded in its culture, warmth and hospitality.

A common saying in the Levant says “the guest is always king“

Our goal is to enrich our visitors and unify their spirits with ours.

We constantly adapt our menu by implementing new ingredients with fresh techniques. We strive to employ modern adaptations to traditional methods and maintain a synergy between our food and guests.

We’re here not only to provide food, but also to bring people together to experience genuinely authentic moments which maybe cherished forever.

Simsim is a place where family, friends and acquaintances connect to celebrate life, love and food. Our courteous staff will ensure that yourdining experience is exceptional from the beginning to the end.

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our food

The food at Simsim comes from recipes deeply rooted in Palestinian, Syrian and Lebanese heritage; the cuisine offers tapas-like dishes which are commonly shared and is found to be very suitable for vegetarians and vegans alike

The Levantine cuisine’s history stretches back to the cradle of civilization and is inspired by several cultures mainly stemming from the Turkish and Greek Empires with some influence from other European colonialists

Simsim creates delicious and healthy food tailored to suit everyone no matter what the occasion is.

Simsim prepares flavorful creations using fresh ingredients with whole grains, flat breads, vegetables and fruits, healthy oils, herbs and aromatic spices

jobs at simsim

We are always looking for friendly and competent service staff for our restaurant.

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